Sunday, July 31, 2005

Short Straw

It looks like I drew the short straw at work yet again.

Because one of the guys is on leave, they needed someone to work the early shift. Stan (the team leader) turns to me and says "Would you be able to work the early shift next week?", he then went on to explain how he'd really try to get one of the others to do it... but low and behold, I'm still the guy doing the 4:30AM shift next week.

When I first started working there, they had me doing 2 weeks of the 4:30AM shift followed by two weeks of the 10AM shift. Now it appears that they want to avoid making someone do two weeks of the same shift because it is "unfair" -- unfair to who? I'm now in a situation where I'll have worked three 4:30AM shifts in a five week period. Oh... and then there is the site visit coming up in a couple of weeks.

Somewhere in there I'll probably get to see my family. That'd be nice.


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