Thursday, July 28, 2005


So... I'm getting rather used to making my way to work and back home again on the scooter. I'm probably only spending about $9/week on fuel (2 tanks) -- it's bloody fantastic to pay for a full tank with the spare change in your pocket.

We're also planning a trip down to Walpole for Kathy's birthday, unfortunately Unisys West isn't playing nicely so we're left with me having only two half-days off (Friday afternoon and Monday morning of the weekend we're going down). However, we'll do what we can to make the most of it. On the positive side of things it means we should avoid a bulk of the weekend drivers and it still gives us time to get everything done.

I should also mention that I'm desperately hanging out for paid leave. I haven't taken paid time off work in years -- I've had "enforced" leave (ie: no job) but sitting around the house hoping to find work isn't quite the same as a holiday.

World of Warcraft is now bordering on an obsession since I discovered there are fairly easy ways to make lots of money. The way in which the game caters to almost every conceivable obsession is rather scary -- it doesn't matter what turns you on, you're likely to find it in here with the exception of porn (although female night elves look pretty hot if you strip them down to their underwear... hmmmm, possibly a little too much information there).

Well, I guess other than gripes about work, the need for a holiday and the temptation to wear a t-shirt at work that says "I'd rather be playing WoW"... things are going pretty well.


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