Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Paul will kill me when he reads this, I am meant to be resting as I came home sick with a headache, but I am waiting for the pain killers to kick in and thought now would be as good a time as any to post.

After quite a bit of deliberation on my behalf I handed in my resignation at my old place of employment about a month and a half ago. The straw that broke the camels back event finally took place with my old manager calling me into a meeting and telling me how I faff around and don't do any work and so on and so forth. A complete pack of lies and at the time and I called her on it which lead to some rather heated words and us agreeing that the meeting was going nowhere and that we would meet again tomorrow.

That night, after speaking with Paul, who was in Adelaide, I sat down and wrote my letter of resignation. I had been involved in so many of those meetings with the ex boss that I had finally had enough. I had literally printed out the email when the phone rang. Someone had foud my resume on Seek and were me in for an interview. At the time I was stoked. It was like the universes way of telling me I had made the right decision.

To cut a long story short, although the company met all my pay demands and the hours were really good, the boss gave me the creeps and so I turned the position down. No big loss I found what I thought was going to be my perfect career in recruitment and although the pay was a bit less than hoped for and the hours a bit longer than desirable, I took the position.

The first week was pretty quiet. Day three, the manager that hired me handed in his resignation, which was a bit of a shock. But all in all the job seemed like a holiday compared to the stresses of the previous job and if the truth be told I was a little bored. Everyone commented on how quickly I was picking things up and everything seemed fine except that I was only doing data entry. Week two and I am still doing data entry. A couple of days into week two I rang Paul and told him I wasn't happy. I was bored, I hated the longer hours, I was seeing hardly anything of him and even less of Zac. I wanted out.

Paul suggested I hang in there and see what happened with the new manager starting, I agreed as it was only a couple of weeks and I hung up. My mobile then rang. It was the head of HR for a government position I had applied for. I had been short listed for a position and they wanted me to come in for an interview. This one is more pay and less hours and I can drive to and from work. I organised an interview time for tomorrow.

I am hoping that this is the universes way of giving me my perfect job. When I started working for the company I am with, I had to start working again soon to bring in some money, it has tided me over till this government position came along and given me an opportunity to explore a career I thought I might be interested in. I have discovered I need to be busy, I am not keen on "stressful busy" but "know what I am doing and get down and do it busy" is good. I am hoping that the govenment position will be just that - a nice medium where I can spend the next 25 years until I retire.


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