Friday, December 16, 2005

General updating

So much has happened over the past 3 months that here I will just cover the highlights (seeing Paul won’t!) so that we can all get back to general viewing.

  • My new job is going well. Once I actually settled in and realized that work didn’t involve me being a stress monkey, everything worked out ok. We have a new boss now, I have moved upstairs and we have a junior or two. Work life is good now that I am not the office junior anymore.
  • I had a horrible gall bladder episode which turned out to be an infection. I have only 2 things to say about it. labour was less painful and morphine is my new best friend. Well it was. I only had one shot, but I will be forever grateful!
  • We are moving house. We will be closer to Paul’s mum and Grand parents. I will update in a couple of months and let you know if this was a smart move or not. At the moment it seems smart as we will be further away from my mother.
  • Zac is going to go to the same primary school that Paul went to. We will finally discover if the problems were school or Zac. I am starting to think they were his old school as that is the only place that complains about his behavior. Either that or he has a split personality.
  • We went and saw a clinical Psyc. in regards to Zac’s behavior. What a waste of $110! He decided in the first 5 minutes that Paul and I were volatile and that Zac was learning his behavior from his environment. He deduced this from some incorrect information his receptionist had given him before we arrived. Even after Paul explaining that if were to be any les volatile we would be sleeping he still didn’t change his mind. Oh and this was in-between him telling us how good he was. It was a bad appointment.

So time to wake the boys and get this day underway….we pick up the keys in a few hours.