Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And it is done!

Well we are done. We have handed in the keys to the old property and everything we own is here at our new “home”. Paul and I are completely exhausted. It hasn’t helped Paul any that he is on the 3.30am shift. He has worked so hard and I am so proud of him. He deserves something special this weekend, a bit of spoiling is in order J

I ache in places I shouldn’t, such as my right elbow from all the scrubbing I did. I am pretty house proud and a bit of a neat freak and so it came as a bit of a shock to me as to how dirty the house was, things that you just don’t notice while you are actually living in a place, like the dust under the fridge, or how grubby the pots and pans cupboard is. I made mental notes this time around of those nasty spots and they will get regular attention while we are here.

In the middle of the cleaning we had a visit from friends over east. It was so good to see Lil and Pixie. The arrived new years evening and we ate and caught up. Paul geeked with Pixie, he loves it when we catch up with them and Lil and I reconnected. I have missed her. I have so few “close friends” and when she left I thought of it as loosing one, but we have worked out ways to stay in touch that allow for my horrid lack of emails and my inability to pick up a phone. The thing I loved the most was that after 18 months of not seeing her we just picked up where we left off, there wasn’t a pause or a stutter…it just flowed. The sign of a true friendship.

Having them stay also made me realize that Paul and I don’t get out and socialize enough. We are so content with each other and our own company that we have let many friendships slide. 2006 will be the year that changes and I will make the effort to be social and get out more and if I have to drag Paul kicking and screaming so be it. But he enjoys small gatherings and likes all of my friends so I don’t see it being too much of an issue. And the full moon dinners will start again as well. It will be good to see the girls on a regular basis.

Ok I really must feed Zac and get some sleep. Hopefully this will be the last night of takeaway for awhile and life shall resume as much as normal as it possibly can in our household.


Anonymous Me said...

Yay, its all done!!! Congrats!
And yay your going to be more social!!! And I am going to try and do the same, so maybe we might actually see each other!!!! ;)

1:59 AM  

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