Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Real Estate Redux

So I stood out the front of our old property waiting for the RE agent to come along and carry out the second "final" inspection. I thought back to how it was when we were living there and what it looked like now.

It looked so promising when we first decided to move in -- this big house for 3 adults and one child, a huge backyard for the child to play in and explore, a huge shed to park the cars in and several vegetable gardens to grow a variety of vegies and herbs. We had such dreams, but soon our dreams soon turned to dust... actually it wasn't that bad, I just wanted to get a little poetic and segue into dust.... dust, dust and more dust.

My poor, poor computers were never terribly happy there. Their fans groaned, creaked and often refused to work for the dust gathered on them. I have no idea how I survived in that place, particularly since one of my asthma allergies is dust mites (perhaps even the mites refused to live in that much dust?). There was never any point to pro-active cleaning... within a few days you'd hardly know that we'd swept the floor at all. Having visitors always meant a lot of last minute cleaning to try and at least look like we didn't live in a dustbowl.

We're out of there... or almost anyway. The only thing tying us to that dust place is our bond, which involved cleaning the dust... repeatedly. It also involved raking the driveway and the front yard. It also involved cleaning the large shed (that ended up being too small for our cars anyway) which we largely had not used since shortly after moving in there.

Which brings me back to this very day, standing outside the old property and admiring the orange dust already settling on my leather shoes. The RE agent arrived on time and began the inspection.

To cut a long story short, basically everything was ticked off the list apart from a few small things which should take a leisurely morning or so rather than 8+ hours of hard, hard labour. The items in the shed are still contested, we're waiting on a list from the owner regarding what stuff they left in the shed (and on the property in general). There was some temptation on my part to manhandle the RE agent to the floor and say "SEE?!?! That is clean... we cleaned it again so now it has been swept, vacuumed, mopped and then mopped a SECOND GODDAMN TIME!". Thankfully I managed to resist the temptation... it may have biased the rest of the inspection process against me.

We're so close to never, ever having anything to do with that place ever again that I can almost taste it... and it tastes like victory (which, strangely enough tastes like dust... or perhaps I'm getting a little obsessed with dust, dust, DUST, DUST... uhhh... never mind).

If you're ever looking to rent (or buy) and you see that the RE agent is Chard-Walker Harwood & Brown, run a long way away. Or mock them. Mocking them would be good, but I'm not telling anyone to do that... just, y'know, putting the idea out there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are never ever going to be rid of this place - you realise this don't you. We will still be doing the owners renovations in 2 years time still trying to get our measley bond back! - Kathy (nsi)

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