Friday, January 13, 2006

Water Dogs

You can lead a horse to water... but a dog, you have to drag.

We'd taken the pups for a walk down to the foreshore the other night (hence the pictures from Kathy) and we immersed them up to about their knees in the river. Unfortunately neither of us was adequately dressed to lead the dogs in any further, so I vowed to remember to dress suitably and try again tomorrow.

Tomorrow came, a day of hurricanes and lots of rain. The walk down to the foreshore was postponed until better weather. Thankfully, the very next day or, to use somewhat confusing terminology, yesterday's tomorrow (ie today) was quite pleasant for an evening walk. I dressed suitably (thongs and bathers) and we trooped down to the foreshore yet again.

I started with Shadow, since I was leading him at the time. He was... reluctant... to put it mildly. Picture if you will, a fully grown weimaraner at the river's edge with all four legs splayed out in the classic "I don't want to go there!!" pose and me standing in the water dragging him in and hoping I wasn't about to step on a cobbler. Eventually I coaxed him in and got him in water up to his chest. He was not terribly amused but he wasn't pulling to get out either.

Having decided that was enough for the first attempt, I let him leave the water and I grabbed Bella's lead. She was a little easier, being shorter it didn't take as long to get her into deep water. As I led her into the water (she was reluctant but more eager to please her humans) she got to her chest and she paused for a moment... looked at me... splashed a paw out... and then she started swimming! Bella pretty much turned on the spot and headed for shore but she did it! I led her out a few more times but she turned for shore the moment her paws left the riverbed.

I tried again with Shadow, who was far less reluctant to head out with me this time and he ended up swimming too! Big, powerful strokes... I made him swim around me first before heading back to the safety of the shore. I took both dogs out several times, Shadow was clearly more comfortable with the idea than Bella. However, Bella "chatted" with us the whole way back home. I don't know if she was trying to tell us that she'd rather not do that again or if she was saying "Wow... that was actually kinda fun, I wanna go deeper next time. Can we go again? Can we? Huh? Can we?".

We'll take them swimming again sometime soon, perhaps in the evening like tonight when there aren't as many people to witness the spectacle of dogs that are afraid of water. Am I proud of my hydrophobic puppies though, today was a big accomplishment. Hopefully there will be much more swimming to come.

On the way back, we got to admire yet another spectacular sunset. I'd forgotten that on the foreshore, these sunsets are almost a dime a dozen. Hopefully I won't ever take another one for granted again. Kathy actually turned to me on the way back and asked, "What made you move out to South Guildford?".

The answer, of course, was to be with her. I'd taken all that living in this area had to offer for granted. Having moved away and moved back, I think I've grown a sudden appreciation everything South Perth has to offer. It definitely has a bit of a "village" feel to it, which I guess is both good and also bad in some ways. I don't think we'll be moving any time soon if we can help it.


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