Friday, January 06, 2006

What can you do but laugh?

Well Paul went in to the RE Agent and picked up this “list” of things we had to do. Already we could see that this wasn’t about us but about their incompetence.

Some of the gems in the things we had to fix were to remove the ladder from the property – ah would that be the ladder that was supplied with the property so we could clean the gutters? Sure it’s a you-beaut-super-dooper ladder – we will remove it!

There was also mention that we had to remove the 6 ft happy plant from the driveway that is worth about $500. It also came with the property. Sure we can take that!

While we are at it would you like us to remove the air conditioner from the wall?

There are some genuine things on there but I think the best one was that we had to clean the dust of the pelmets (which we had done, with the ladder as we have 12ft ceilings) We wonder how she, being 5 ft nothing, checked the said pelmets when the ladder that we used to clean them with was still down the side of the house…hrmmmm. I didn’t know property agents could fly!

General comments such as clean the obvious marks off the walls have brought us to the conclusion that she had to find things to pick at and if she couldn’t she made them up.

So we will go back and work off her list of phantom duties and then work out where we are going to store the $200 ladder and $500 potted plant (nah we were honest and told her they belonged to the house – the joy of showing her and her incompetency up was worth ever cent in my book)


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