Thursday, February 02, 2006

First Days

Zac started his first day of school yesterday and I had my first attack of seperation anxiety! The day started out very well. I had organised to have a couple of hours off in the morning so I could take him to his Before and after school care and be with him when he went to his class for the first time.

He was understandable nervous as he had his breakfast, but then afterwards posed for photos. He looked fantastic in his grown up!

We packed his lunch in his new bag and we were ready to go!

When we finally got to his new class the teacher was very abrupt with us and then Zac was snubbed by one of the other kids. He was in a split 2/3 class and it seemed that half the kids didn't speak any English and all I could think was I had made a HUGE mistake. We had moved house, uprooted Zac from everything he knew to get him into this school and as I left Zac the tears welled in my eyes. He looked so lost and out of place. I was sure I had made a huge mistake. By the time I hit the school oval I was ready to go back to the class room and pull him out of the class and home school him! As you can tell by that last statement I was not in my right frame of mind!

I made it to the car and started crying. I decided to go see my Mother in law for reassurance and by the time I was knocking on her front door I was hysterical! I had deserted my baby boy in that horrible place and he was going to be damaged for life because of this horrible mistake I had made!

Starting to see how this went yet?

Of course the wonderful mother in law made me feel much better, clamed me down, made me coffee, rang the school and organised a meeting with the principal and reminded me that I pay the teachers wages and if I am not happy then we will fix it. Zac is the most importent person in the equation and she would do what ever it took to make sure he was getting the best.

I managed to go to work for a couple of hours before the meeting without shedding any more tears and by the time Paul and I saw the principal I was feeling more positive. The princilap was fantastic, put all of my concerns at ease and bottom line was that we would all keep an eye on Zac and communicate and we would address any problems as they arose. It was all the reassurance I needed.

Paul and I met Zac at the out of school care after the meeting. I was expecting a child who would refuse to return to the school, hated the teacher and had made no friends. Instead I was greeted by a child who had had the most fantastic day, loved his teacher, had made new friends and couldn't wait to go back tomorrow!

Kids go figure!!!

But then I worked it out. When he started at his old school, there was none of the usual first day dramas. He had been slowly introduced from the daycare he attended to the primary school over the course of a couple of years, so by the time he went there full time we were all comfortable with the transition into school and it was unemotional and pain free. I had just experienced what most mothers experience when they drop their kids off on the first day of school.

It has put me off having another child and cured any biological tickings that may have been tocking!