Wednesday, March 15, 2006

3 Years on...

Paul and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary this Friday, three years since our first coffee. This is what I wrote in my online diary just before meeting him 3 years ago:

“I am meeting one of the guys this Saturday for a coffee and I have to admit am pretty excited about this one. He is a few years younger than me (always wanted a toy boy) is 6ft 5 of man (I love tall men) unfortunately is an Aries, but so far doesn't seem to have the annoying child like qualities that I have discovered in other Aries men and we have so, so, so, so much in common that it has shocked and delighted both of us. If nothing else this one is a keeper for a long term friendship. But there is this little hopeful part of me that hopes that when we meet there will be some kind of spark there. He rang me today and he has a voice like honey, all warm and soothing, not a trace of an Australian accent (thank the goddess) is intelligent and articulate and hrmmm...ok better stop gushing now ;)”

And then the next entry….

“Well Saturday’s coffee turned into a Wed night coffee as my baby sitter fell through for Saturday.

We met at a cafe down near my place and I have to say the first 10 to 15 minutes were a tad uncomfortable, but then we started talking and two and a half hours later they were closing the place up around us. We left and both got home and jumped onto icq where we continued chatting. Decided we wanted to meet up again and would see what i could do about a baby sitter.

I managed to get a baby sitter again last night and he took me to the movies. But not just the movies, here we have a cinema that has what I guess you would call a dress circle. Huge big comfy chairs and free pop corn and drinks. It was fantastic. And he is fantastic.

I feel so comfortable with him and that scares me after only 2 dates and a week of chatting on icq. After the movies we went to a friend’s house and chatted till 2am. Then went home and talked on icq about how we were feeling. I have decided that I want him to meet master 5 and a half to see how he feels before this goes any further. So today after work we are meeting at Mc Donalds.

I still have 3 other guys who have given me their numbers and I have said I would organise a time to meet them for coffee, if today goes well I will have a chat with Mr 6ft5" and see how he feels and how I feel and maybe put meeting the others on hold for awhile until he and I can see where this is heading. I don't feel a real need to meet any of the others atm except that I feel it is right that I should after they have paid money to make contact with me.

Anyway we will just have to wait and see what happens today - he may spend 10 minutes with master 5 and a half and decide that being with a single mum is not what he is after.”

I never did meet with the others, and three years down the track it seems I was exactly what he was looking for and he was exactly what I needed to compliment me.

He and I have been through a lot since that date at Mac Donald’s and he has turned out to be the best father and husband a girl could ever want for.


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